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Our patient, Mr Wagner, about German Dentist Doctor Nadine Hotz, the Dental Clinic and his treatment satisfaction

Patient review

So much more than a dentist.

Mr Wagner, why did you need to see a dentist in the first place?

My dentist back home told me that at some point I would need a full reconstruction of the bone with implants in the lower and upper jaw. I moved to the Costa del Sol a few years ago and kept postponing this treatment, as I did not find any dentist I could really trust on the Coast and the treatment I needed seemed to be very complex. My biggest problem was that I could not eat properly. Every time I chewed, my teeth on one side hurt and seemed to be loose and I was in constant fear they could fall out. I was afraid to go out for lunch or dinner because I feared people might notice my dental problem. When I was laughing, I always put my hand over my mouth so nobody would realise I had such bad teeth. But eventually, after living with that problem for so many years, I decided to go for a permanent solution.

How did you end up choosing Dental Clinic Dr Hotz for your treatment?

I had seen several adverts of the clinic in the local media here, including the one in magazine, and when a friend of mine recommended Dr Hotz, I decided to make an appointment and check out the clinic. The first impression I received was a welcoming one, as the nurses and receptionist were very warm and friendly. Afterwards, I was very surprised to find that the doctor offering the treatment was so young. I have to say this made me hesitate in the beginning, but as she started explaining the possible treatments, the techniques she would apply and the time involved, I was sure she was the right person for the job.

What finally convinced you to opt for the treatment proposed by Dr Hotz?

My dentist back home told me that with my jaw, I would have to have a big bone augmentation, which would take several months (12 months, to be exact, with the placement of the implants) of healing, until I got my new permanent teeth. Dr Hotz offered me a brand new technique where implants are planned with a special 3D programme, which can avoid difficult bone augmentations. Due to this technique, there was no need for reconstruction of the bone, which reduced treatment elapse to only three weeks. I basically had three appointments: the preparation, the implantation and the placement of the bridge. The method of Dr Hotz saved me almost one year of treatment time, a huge bone augmentation with all its complications and risks and – not to forget – money.

Was the treatment painful?

Thanks to a special technique, I did not need stitching or cutting of the gum. The whole procedure only took approximately one hour and I was very surprised I didn’t have to take any painkillers afterwards. I guess every dental treatment is unpleasant and at some point painful. But the little bit of sore gum I had was more than manageable.

Reconstruction, Implantations, 3D images etc, a German dentist… this sounds expensive?

It is indeed an investment but I am extremely satisfied with the results. The quality of the products and implants was very important for me, especially in these times where everybody tries to save money and work with materials and laboratories from China. Dr Hotz assured me that the clinic only works with high quality materials and with a German laboratory. The implants look natural and have so far really improved my quality of life. Looking back to what my dentist back home offered using less advanced techniques, the treatment Nadine has performed was actually very good value.

Mr Wagner, would you recommend Dental Clinic Dr Hotz?

I guess I am, considering this article, aren’t I? (laughing). But yes, I am very happy with my new teeth. The quality of life I have now was really worth the investment. Nadine is so much more then an everyday dentist. She is not only friendly but a real professional. As a Master in Implantology, she travels two to three times a year to find the latest techniques in her field and this really shows in her work.

What our patients say. Doctor Nadine Hotz German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro Patient Review. Doctor Nadine Hotz German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro So much more than a dentist. Doctor Nadine Hotz German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro