Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment with dental laser is painless and has a proven higher success rate.

Laser-Assisted Root Canal Therapy

In our German Dental Clinic, root canal treatment is carried out at the highest quality level.

In order to achieve good long-term results, we heat the disinfectant liquids to 60 degrees. This eliminates more bacteria than the traditional approach.

At the end, the root canal is also disinfected with the laser. The laser acts like a local antibiotic. This method is painless and has proven to be successful (St Moritz 2006):

  • ✓ The laser significantly reduces reinfection of the treated tooth.
  • ✓ There are often small side canals in the tooth, the so-called accessory canals, which cannot be reached with conventional therapy and thus increase the risk of reinfecting the tooth.
  • ✓ These accessory canals can also be reached with the laser.
Root Canal Treatment with Laser. German Dentist Clinic Marbella San Pedro