Teeth Whitening

Over the years, teeth absorb colour particles from the food we consume

Professional bleaching

The older we get, the darker our teeth become. A white bright smile is a sign of youth, freshness and cleanliness and contributes to a groomed appearance.

Direct Veneers or High Tech Ceramic Veneers can additionally improve the appearance, correct small deficiencies and restore worn, old teeth to the state they were once in.

All over-the-counter products contain very little active ingredients and they don’t penetrate deep enough into the teeth; they merely scratch the surface. This makes the absorption of colour into the teeth even easier.

Truly effective products are only used in professional bleaching. In addition, the surface of the teeth is sealed after the procedure with a special lack to prevent future staining.

Teeth Whitening at home is relatively time consuming and various steps are needed. At the clinic, your teeth can be brightened in two hours, by up to three shades.

How long the achieved colour lasts will depend on a patient’s diet. At any rate, teeth will stay brighter than before.

Teeth Whitening - truly effective products are only used in professional bleaching. German Dentist Clinic Marbella San Pedro