Dental Laser Treatment

Often even local anesthesia can be avoided using laser

Doctor Nadine Hotz in Marbella works with different lasers. Our ErYSGG laser is particularly useful for replacing the dental drill. In addition, this type of laser has been proven to prevent cavities.

After laser treatment, the teeth are less prone to cavities than before. When used together with fluoride, the surface of the tooth can even be sealed to combat hypersensitivity.

The diode laser can, gently shape gum without any bleeding and is almost pain free. It is also used to heal infections in implants and teeth (parodontitis) and helps aphtha and herpes disappear faster.

The diode laser can, depending on the adjustments, even replace the scalpel

Root canal treatments can be more successfully performed by using the laser light to disinfect areas the instruments cannot reach. Often, even local anesthesia can be avoided using laser.

Dental Laser can avoided local anesthesia, replacing the dental drill and scalpe. German Dentist Clinic Marbella San Pedro