Dental videos German Dentist Dr Nadine Hotz

Edelweiss direct veneers

Treatments using “Edelweiss” dental therapies are designed to be as comfortable and noninvasive as possible, giving you a great result in just one appointment.


Baby Bottle Syndrome

Early Childhood Caries is the rapid decay of baby teeth in an infant or child due to frequent exposure to liquids containing sugars over a certain period of time.


AIR-FLOW Dental Cleaning

Preventive dental treatments with AIR-FLOW are reliable and efficient. Plaque, soft deposits and colorations disappear quickly and painlessly – even from interproximal areas.


Nobel Biocare World Congress in New

Dr Nadine Hotz at the 2013 Nobel Biocare World Symposium in New York. Interview with Nadine Hotz at the Nobel Congress in New York.


Laughing Gas Sedation

For patients who fear going to the dentist, the Dental Clinic Hotz in Marbella offers all treatments under anaesthesia with laughing gas.


NobelActive Immediate Implants

NobelActive's dental implants body and thread design condense bone during insertion, leading to high primary stability even in compromised bone situations.