Dental Restoration

Broken teeth are often extracted too fast!

Dental Restoration and Reconstruction

Dental Restoration and Dental Reconstruction. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz

Damaged teeth, as in advanced caries (tooth decay) or even if a piece of the tooth has broken off can be restored.

Our goal is the optimal restoration of dental aesthetics and function. The preservation of your teeth is for us the primary focus of the treatment. Modern dentistry now offers numerous opportunities for dental restoration. Various fillers and different techniques can be used.

Dental Filling

Dental Restoration Reconstruction with Dental Filling like Composite Fillings. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz

With tooth fillings we can restore individual teeth without any metal while being gentle and customize. After treatment, the teeth act in full-fledged feature natural and unharmed.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings is a white filling material made of glass and plastic. White fillings are durable and aesthetically. You have no edge gaps. Remains the filling margins white. Today's composites are approximately as hard as natural teeth. Therefore it is possible, instead to model only a composite, to build an entire composite crown.

Dental Restoration Procedure

Dental Restoration Procedure. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz
  1. Dental caries extending into the pulp
  2. Root canal cleaning, see also: Root Canal Treatment
  3. Killing germs and bacteria
  4. Filling the root canals
  5. Tooth Surface Sealants (Composite)

With composite, almost any tooth damage can be fix. Careful dental pretreatment and the use of biocompatible, high-quality materials determine the quality and durability.

Tooth Extraction - last option for dentists

Tooth Extraction last option for dentists. Dentist Marbella Dr Hotz

Often not all treatment methods are fully exploited and broken teeth are often drawn too fast (tooth extraction). Permanent gaps have negative effects to the appearance, the chewing function and the ability to speak. Gaps may also affect the positioning of the neighboring teeth.

Regular dental care is just as important and necessary as biannual dental check-ups. Unfortunately, individual teeth cannot always be saved.