With so called aligner therapies it is also possible to straighten teeth completely without braces or wires

We offer orthodontics for children as well as for adults

A beautiful smile is only possible when the teeth are symmetric, straight and even. The modern jaw orthopedics knows no age limits and is always possible, no matter if the patient is 6 or 90 years old. The reason lies in the special anchoring of the teeth into the jaw.

With so called aligner therapies it is also possible to straighten teeth completely without braces or wires. Only thin see-through plastic sheets are used which can be removed and placed back on by the patient himself.

It is never too late for a brighter smile

Ten years ago only 10 per cent of all orthodontic treatments were performed on adults. Today at Dental Clinic Dr Hotz, over 40 per cent of patients opting for orthodontic treatments are aged over 35. Evidently, orthodontic treatments for adults is a brand new trend!

Orthodontic Treatments for Adults

There are many reasons why orthodontic treatments for adults are more popular than ever:

  • The cost of these treatments have reduced drastically and the techniques used are more comfortable, effective and discrete. Moreover, the time needed to obtain the desired result has been reduced significantly with the new methods.
  • Patients now also have the option to use invisible templates, which are removable for cleaning. This makes orthodontic treatments for adults much more attractive.

Needless to say, straightening teeth brings numerous advantages:

  • The aesthetic advantage: Straight teeth take the strain off your face and make you look more attractive and naturally younger. The result of an orthodontic treatment can enhance your self-confidence and make you want to smile more often.
  • A beautiful, clean and healthy mouth with correct interdental spaces is beneficial for your oral health. Daily oral hygiene becomes much faster and easier. This results in better overall teeth preservation, less gum bleeding and a fresher breath.
  • As we get older, the gumline slowly rises and teeth appear longer. When teeth are out of line there is a greater risk of losing them. This can be prevented through orthodontic treatments.
  • Well-aligned teeth tend to reduce joint pain. Orthodontic treatment corrects faulty bites and can avoid more expensive corrections with crowns.

Our Orthodontist Lilian Totolan would be happy to tell you more!

Orthodontics Patient Photo. German Dentist Clinic Marbella San Pedro

Orthodontic treatment patient photo before and after.

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