Dental Prophylaxis

Professional tooth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning is vital for the long life of teeth replacements or natural teeth. That is why our dental assistants are specifically trained Prophylactic Assistants.

Studies from the US and Switzerland show that dental clinics specifically offering prophylaxis could reduce the number of emergencies relating to tooth fillings, reconstructions and tooth replacements.

Unattractive staining caused by coffee, tea or nicotine, for instance, can be removed completely only through professional teeth cleaning. Removing persistent stains is not otherwise possible, even with the best toothpaste and brush.

Prophylaxis do not hurt and can therefore help ease children’s dental anxiety. In addition, it contributes to an awareness of proper oral hygiene at home for children as well as adults. Thus, the risk of cavities or periodontitis can be reduced significantly.

Dental Prophylaxis - professional tooth cleaning. German Dentist Clinic Marbella San Pedro

AIR-FLOW Preventive Dental Treatments

  • Preventive dental treatments with AIR-FLOW are reliable and efficient.
  • AIR-FLOW also delivers patient comfort since it utilizes no curettes and makes no noise.
  • With the gentle application of kinetic energy, it causes no damage and will not scratch the tooth surface.

The Advantages in a nutshell:

  • Removes dental plaque and hence help to prevent periodontal diseases
  • Removes teeth stains
  • Helps maintain implants sound
  • Cleans and opens fissures for sealing
  • Cleans prior to bonding orthodontic brackets

The AIR-FLOW® Method from EMS

Projecting a jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles onto the surface of the tooth to polish the surface and remove debris. Plaque, soft deposits and colourations disappear quickly and painlessly – even from interproximal areas.

The AIR-FLOW® System is a method of professional mechanical tooth cleaning for selective removal of plaque and stains from all tooth surfaces. It delivers a controlled stream of fine powder particles to the tooth surface through water spray and compressed air. While being more efficient and cost-effective than traditional methods, this procedure also delivers higher patient comfort.

The Biofilm

When dental plaque left untreated microorganisms colonize the area and develop a biofilm:

  • Periodontitis or peri implantitis spread unchecked
  • Bacteria under cover of biofilm are resistant to drug therapy
  • Immune defenses of the body are powerless
  • Implant sites are equally affected by biofilm
  • Peri-implantitis results in implant loss
  • The AIR-FLOW® System from EMS reaches the deepest periodontal pockets to combat biofilm.