Teeth In An Hour

A revolutionary concept providing patients with fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure

Teeth In An Hour Dental Implants

Teeth In An Hour. German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro

Whether you have difficulty chewing food, are suffering from pain and discomfort from bad dentures, or are embarrassed to smile because of missing or unsightly teeth, implants might be the solution.

In the past you may have been discouraged by stories of post operative pain, high costs and a long process. At Clinica Dental Doctor Hotz you will be pleased to learn about a revolutionary method that is changing the entire way we experience the subject. Dubbed the ‘Teeth In An Hour’ method, it enables you to have a beautiful smile with fixed, natural looking teeth without the need for a scalpel and ensuing stitches. The latest system, called Nobel Guide, was first developed by Swedish company Nobel Biocare in 2005. German Dentist Doctor Nadine Hotz is one of the most experienced surgeons for this treatment having placed over 1,700 implants since its development. In this article we hope to inspire you to make a change that will greatly increase your enjoyment of life.
The benefits of this procedure:


Up until now, patients often faced agonising swelling and post-surgical pain. Since the Nobel Guide system is scalpeland suture-free, down time is minimal. Moreover, it allows dental professionals to maximise the use of available bone, meaning that bone grafting procedures are often unnecessary. Indeed, many patients who had given up on having a full set of fixed, stable teeth because they were told they did not have sufficient bone, will find new hope with this treatment.


A patient needs to wait a little over a week between implantation and placement of the final bridge. The implantation procedure itself can take as little as an hour for six to eight implants.


The exceptional implants are based on the latest scientific developments, to ensure safety and durability.


Thanks to a three-dimensional scan, Dr. Hotz is able to view the anatomy of your mouth like never before, and to plan your individual implants and bridge precisely, ensuring that all implants remain within a safe distance from nerves and other vital structures and in the perfect position.


The Nobel Guide system allows replacement of an entire set of teeth using only six to eight implants. These implants are able to provide extremely secure, optimal support for a fixed bridge, even for patients with minimum bone volume.


On your first visit, Dr. Hotz makes her diagnosis based on a clinical examination and X-rays, presenting you with treatment options. A 3D-Scan of your jaw and a template is completed using a lowradiation machine. Dr. Hotz uses a special planning software to perform ‘virtual surgery’ on your scan; this information is then sent to a laboratory, where a 3D template for your jaw is constructed. This template is used during surgery to ensure implants are placed exactly in accordance with the ‘virtual plan’, allowing for precise and efficient implant insertion. This method is the only existing one where the surgical template can be used over unopened gingiva. With all the other available systems the gum has to be opened for the implant insertion and has to be closed with sutures afterwards. The outcome is less pain and normaly no swelling. A temporary bridge or prosthesis is fitted on the operation day so you never remain without teeth. Around 10 days later, Dr. Hotz places your final bridge. How long will the implants/bridge last? The prosthetic work has a warranty period of two years though there is no reason why they cannot last a lifetime.


Surprisingly, those implants cost little more than regular implants. As the number of implants increases, there is a reduction in the price. Implants are an investment but they are one of the most important ones you might make. They cost much less than buying a car yet they last a lifetime and unlike cars, they are completely personalised. Each succesful implant treatment is the result of the dedication of many people both in Clinica Dental Dr. Hotz and the laboratories involved.

When you decide to take this important step, it is vital to seek out a trained specialist with the necessary experience and skill. Dr. Hotz holds a specialist Masters degree in Implantology, obtained from the German Association of Oral Implantology and was in 2010 the youngest degree holder so far. Dr. Hotz’s clinic has been based on the Coast for over 3 years now and has establishing a reputation for cutting-edge treatments delivered with safety and the long-term health of patients in mind.