Laughing Gas Sedation

For patients who fear going to the dentist, the Dental Clinic Hotz in Marbella offers all treatments under anaesthesia with laughing gas.

Laughing Gas Sedation and its benefits

We provide our patients with the best quality dentistry possible: Accutron's Nitrous Oxide also known as "Laughing Gas" Oxygen Inhalation Sedation Systems.

Accutron Precision Systems

Accutron has always provided the dental practitioner with the highest quality and best value in conscious sedation systems and ancillary equipment.

These products, along with Accutron's commitment to responsive customer service, continue to enhance dental offices with the many practice-building benefits of nitrous oxide-oxygen therapy.


Why Laughing Gas Sedation is Safe. German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro

Why Laughing Gas Sedation is Safe?

  • N2O has an unparalleled 150-year safety record
  • Clinical benefits without contraindications
  • Patient conscious and participates in treatment
  • Sedation therapy ceases rapidly
  • Fail-safe shuts off N2O if O2 flow is interrupted
  • PIP+™ Single-Use Nasal Hood from Accutron protects against cross-contamination


Laughing Gas Sedation is Comfortable. German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro

Laughing Gas Sedation is Comfortable

  • Patient apprehension and discomfort minimized
  • N2O-O2 easily tolerated by most patients
  • Treatment of choice for patients of all ages
  • Less fearful patient reduces staff stress
  • Patient comfortably participates in treatment
  • Accutron's contemporary and clean flowmeter design communicates infection control standards exist


Laughing Gas Sedation is Efficient. German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro

    Laughing Gas Sedation is Efficient

  • Relaxed patient allows clinician to be more efficient
  • Opportunity to establish caring patient relationships
  • Post-treatment escorts and restrictions are minimized
  • Patient vital sign checks are the only monitoring necessary