Dental Implant

The moment you need an implantation there are many factors to be considered

Dental Implant Buyer’s Guide

Dental Implant Buyer’s Guide. German Dentist Marbella, San Pedro.

Dr Nadine Hotz would like to give you an insight on the most important things to bear in mind. We are very often guided by price, as this is for all of us an important factor. However, there are various other aspects to consider before choosing a dental treatment that will guarantee a long term solution.

1. Consult a specialist

A dentist may be good in day-to-day treatments but that does not make him a specialist in implants. Get an opinion from a specialist that has a proven track record. A good implantologist will be recommended by other people and will focus his/her activities around this specific area. An implantologist will also be able to propose different solutions, even for complex cases that need specific surgery.

2. Study your quote

If you source the right dentist you will save money. In most cases, quotes cannot be compared, as the proposed treatments lead to different outcomes. Read about the proposed procedure on specified sites on the Internet if it is considered a stateof-the-art technique. Please choose sites of acknowledged, professional organisations. Have you been told about the risks? Is the success rate/ failure rate the dentist told you about comparable with what you’ve seen on the Internet?

3. Do not base your decision purely on price

The cheapest solution is hardly ever the best, and in most cases just a quick fix. However, just by getting treated in Spain you can already make a considerable saving. The dentist should work with implants from renowned companies. There are implant screws available on the professional market for €30 Euros and those that cost €300 Euros. Which one do you think might last a lifetime?

4. Think long-term because you invest in your future

If you decide for an implant you want to have a long term solution, but if the company that produces the implants and prosthetic parts is not existing anymore, your implant is useless. A well-placed implant is like a universal tooth and can be used for many different prosthetic possibilities throughout the entire live.

5. Ask about the materials

The differences in quality of dental materials is shocking and leads to an extremely high difference in the price of estimates. Some products are not CE approved and cannot be sold and used on the European market.

6. What about the success rate?

On any surgery, including implantations, there is no guarantee. The only guarantee you have is that the surgeon you pick has done this procedure many times and knows all the complications that might occur. Everybody can place an implant, but you want to know yourself in good hands when it comes to problems. Ask about the warrantee for the prosthetic substructure. German Dentist Dr. Nadine Hotz offers a two-year warantee on all prosthetic and esthetic work.

7. Consider the duration of the treatment

With the latest technqiues (like 3D Scans and ‘backward planning’) the duration can be carried out during a holiday. However, a good implantologist will explain several methods to you. If the chosen treatment takes time, don’t worry about it. What you want is a lifetime solution, and a few months treatment period might be a good investment. Bear in mind that the dentist prefers a quick solution too. If he or she suggests a long duration treatment, it is for a good reason.

8. Do not leave it too long

When it comes to implants, time is not on your side. The bone is shrinking and if you wait too long, a routine treatment may no longer be possible and you could need a longer and more expensive treatment.

9. Please don’t get confused

If you consult three different dentists, you might get three different opinions. Bare in mind that there are many dentists in Marbella and the dentist next door will hardly ever say something nice about another colleague and we all have different professional experiences that make us prefer or avoid certain treatments. The only thing you can do as a patient is to make sure the dentist has a proper education, experience in implantation and happy patients recommending him or her!